AI Over Artists?

What is AI, and does it have the ability to replace artists?

AI, which is short for artificial intelligence, is machinery that is programmed to simulate human intelligence. AI has the ability to make decisions by rationalizing their actions and deciding the best choice for them to make. As AI has developed over time, it has increasingly been woven into society. Some examples of AI used in daily life are virtual health assistants, chatbots, robots that multitask and collaborate with humans in warehouses and factories, and AI art generators.

Considering that AI is able to generate art, it causes us to ask the question: Can AI replace artists? When asking this question we have to ask ourselves another question: How are AI and artists different? The answer to that question is motivation. AI is programmed to perform tasks, furthermore, they are programmed to preform tasks like humans. Artists create art based on their own feelings, not because someone has programmed them to. Artists are motivated by their passion for their work, whether they use their art as a form of expression or an outlet. Artists use their own imagination and lived experience to create their art, AI does have a memory system, but it just cannot compare to that of a human’s. As incredible as AI is, it just cannot replace artists.

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