Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa was born on April 17th in 1957, making him 63 years old. His real name is Lance Taylor. He is known as an American disc jockey, rapper, song writter and producer from South Bronx, New York. He has a strong tie to the Zulu Nation. Zulu people are on a search of success, peace, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the righteous way of life. Negative activities are actions belonging to the unrighteous.

Bambaataa moved the Zulu people/community in a positive direction, establishing a hip-hop awareness group called the Universal Zulu Nation. This group stressed the importance of freedom, flexibility and open-mindedness in hip-hop. Not only did this put him on the map, bu the song "Planet Rock" is what gave him Godfather status.

Before actually recording he was known as an organizer/promoter of large block parties during the mid-to-late 70s. His turntable techniques and knowledge of music is what led him to be one of the greatest.

Bambaataa became a recording artist in 1982 when he signed with Tommy Boy. By 1984 he began branching out with other artists such as James Brown, John Lydon, Bill Laswell and Michael Beinham. Bambaataa recorded erratically during the 90s but returned to mainstream in 1997 with Zulu Groove. Starting in the early 2000s he eentered the entertainment world as voice actor for the Kung-fu-meets-hip-hop TV series.

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