African Roots

African Roots

Africans have been on earth since the beginning of time. Through the years and through migration we have evolved to be so similar but different as we have scattered the world 

 As African Americans do we still carry our African roots in our daily lives ?

The Beginnings of Africans

Migration of the Africans

At the beginning of time, Africans were kings and were known for their rich minds and materials that the rest of them wanted to control to gain power.

African Traditions:

– The different instruments 

– Using music to tell stories and provide healing 

-Variations of foods


African people became enslaved and were forced to move across the Atlantic to the Americas and Britain.

African traditions brought included:

  • The hymning used to communicate
  • The instruments  
  • foods

As the Africans were ripped from their homes and forced to the Americas the term “African American” began to create a new population for the Americas, and they began to steal ideas, inventions from them to make their own.

Aftermath of Slavery

Civi Rights Of The Unjust

The Age of Music

Slavery has a played a major role in how American Americans were hated and treated.  Our Ancestor used their willpower to escape slavery because they didn’t believe in the treatment they received. As the generations went by there were heroes of history to step out and make a change.  After slavery, a couple of people believed that not only should we be free but there should be equal rights for black and white in ever aspect of life. Our people sat through years of torture to receive this reality  including:

-Black Face, KKK, no employment available, Jim Crow laws, Sit-ins, Bus Boycott, fight for education, police brutality, Voting Rights, and Equal rights.

African Americans has dominated the music industry for many years including the influence of just about every American genre.

  • Rock And Roll
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Country
  • Blues 
  • R&B
  •  Rock 
  • Funk
  • Swing 
  • Gospel

Age of Voices

As the years progressed, the power of voices has brought us the liberties have today.

Throughout the beginning of time, It’s prevalent that we still carry the Hymns of the African Tongue, The love of singing, the rhythm, and the willpower our ancestors had.

Through the music we make, The speeches, and Movements, we have amplified our African roots into the Americas . From our ancestors’ roots, we have come a long way with invention, music, and knowledge that have carried throughout all the African descendants across the world.

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