African Roots


African people have not only built this country but has also shaped the way we look at music in this country all the way up to the present day. Whether that be through the rhythm of the music or the instruments.

Example 1:

The Djembe drum was originated in Africa and was played at parties, community gatherings and even played for the royals. Along with the djembe the bongo was usually seen along side it.  It was a very well know sounds amongst African people. This instrument was truly loved. By not only the sound but the way the musician played it. The sounds of these instruments were well known. So when this sounds reached the white people they took the sound made it different and called it their own.

Example 2:

Africans also created something called call and response. This originated when Africans had just been taken and moved into slavery. This style of song was usually sung while working  or even just so they could talk to each other.

Moving on into history during the civil rights or even before that black people had to fight for their rights and while they were fighting for their rights they were fighting fore the rights to their music and sounds to still be theirs. Even through these struggles black people make a name for themselves in every genre there is.

Example 4

If you look at soul music that started with black people and grew for others to enjoy ans participate in. For example, Aretha Franklin was the queen of soul and her influence has stayed and spread to other artists and people.

In conclusion, it is very clear that African people have made a great affect on music in this country today. I am proud to hear and see what a huge affect African music has on most genres nowadays and most people don’t even recognize where it originated from. 

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