African Music Influence In America

Thesis Statement

The style of delivery of black music is full of rhythm, syncopation, and versatility as a result of polyrhythmic African instruments. 


The Djembe is an instrument that is used for several events, including weddings, baptism, sickness, and others. It makes three sounds, which are the base, tone, and slap. it consists of rhythm and syncopation when used in performances. It is a very universal instrument and well known for its diversity with rhythm and creating versatile music. Currently, the djembe is still a commonly used instrument among black musicians and other drummers that still has the togetherness value. The rhythm and syncopation created within African American music can come from origins of African music, which can include the djembe. 


Bones, also known as rhythm bones, are individual curved pieces of bone. They are considered the oldest instruments in the world. It has a dark history, which comes from the popular 1800s blackface shows in America. The rhythm incorporated into the instrument are the variations of clicking sounds and the physical movement of the wrists and arms. One major thing about black music is that there is a lot of body movement to exaggerate the visual appearance of performances. 


The tambourine is a widely cultural instrument and can be played in many occasions. People turn their wrist to better manage the tambourine. Playing this instrument involves syncopation because there are different rhythms when playing eighth and sixteenth notes. It can be played in cultural celebrations in Brazil all the way to a black Southern baptist church. There is a lot of versatility when it comes to the music genres and black music. A lot of experience in experimenting and playing instruments can result in rhythm and soul in music. Also, that experience can make people include the rhythm and soul in body movement that black people naturally have. 


The polyrhythmic African instruments helped produced the rhythmic music and soul, syncopation, and versatility of current black music and culture. 

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