African American Roots

A former disco dancer Jack Carroll an Irish American states that “Disco is identified as fundamentally african american music, its roots were undeniable.” Disco shows clear evidence of coming from African American roots. It is a derivation of funk which comes from Soul, which is totally  and completely African American. Historian Bryan Ward suggested disco was “a time and a place of leisure where, an alternative, exciting, exotic and passionate life style could be imagined, lived, and enjoyed in the paradoxical peace of a high volume, high energy rhythmfest”. With this description, disco definitively displays African American culture.The disco music scene was controlled by a handful of Black artists affiliated with a small group of specialized record labels, lead by Motown and Philadelphia International  Disco dance parties were often private, members-only events or events directed toward a more general clientele, by and for segments of urban society that identified as being on the margins of the American mainstream. [embedyt][/embedyt]

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