African American Folk- The Untold Truths REVIEW

I appreciate the emphasis on African American’s contribution to music that is notoriously ignored. I also enjoyed how the author began the post with background information and a story to make the post more intriguing. The root and the purpose of folk music and its relation to African American’s history correlation was necessary to understand the impact and role of folk music. Typically, this genre is referred to as the white man’s music, but this post helped to point out that African American’s indeed did play a role in its fruition. The specifics in the elements portion of this post was also very good, when listening to the music attached to the post it was easy to identify the characteristics of folk. I feel as if the implications piece could have been expanded upon as it mentioned the genres that came later but didn’t mention how or in what way it influenced later sounds. Overall, the post was well written and thoughtful and made me think about folk music from an African American perspective.

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