African American Folk Music

African American Folk Music:

Folk music: It was created by slaves that were taken from West Africa to the New World; folk is the earliest form of African American music. Characterized by its unique instruments, rhythmic structure, and various other elements, it has set the tone for modern back music. Folk music allowed slaves to express themselves, and it allowed them to build a community. Folk music was an escape for slaves brought to the New World.

A Folk Music Artist:
Simeon Gilliat was an 18th-century slave named Sy. He was the fiddler at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg. He was one of the earliest records of the influence that African-American musical style had upon white settlers. There was other folk artist, like Harry Belafonte and Richie Havens.

Impact Of Folk Music:

African American folk music has had an immeasurable impact on society. Today, folk songs are a symbol of strength. Songs that started as expressions of the early black struggle in America, such as “We Shall Overcome” and “Amazing Grace”, have become anthems for the plights of all marginalized communities.

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