Aaliyah Haughton was a singer and actress raised in Detroit, Michigan. At a young age she started voice lessons and was destined to be a star. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. At age 11 she competed on the television program called  Star Search. In 1990 she performed with Gladys Knight in Las Vegas in a five-night stint. She had expressed that she was influenced by multiple artists including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sade, and Prince. Aaliyah then worked with multiple famous record producers such as Timbaland and Missy Elliot. She also became a successful actress before death. Aaliyah was a huge success at only age 22. She acquired the names “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of Urban Pop”. Aaliyah had a strong impact on the RnB genre.

Age Aint Nothing but a Number

In 1994, at 14 years old, Aaliyah discharged her first collection, Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. It was a moment achievement. The primary single, “To and fro,” was a Top 5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and a No.1 R&B tune. The subsequent single, a redo of the Isley Brothers “At Your Best (You Are Love)” arrived at Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was No. 2 at R&B radio. “I despite everything recall how anxious I was directly before “To and fro” came out,” she says. “I continued thinking about whether individuals would acknowledge it. At the point when it went gold, I had my answer, and it was simply such an unimaginably fulfilling feeling.” The acknowledgment of her music roused other young female artists to emulate her style.. Her preference for design impacts her fans and different specialists. Teenager Vogue once wrote that Aaliyah set the model for the youthful female craftsman of the ’90s.

One In A Million

In 1996, Aaliyah discharged her subsequent record, One In A Million. The primary single, “If Your Girl Only Knew,” went twofold platinum and contains Timbaland’s mark timed beats and Missy “Crime” Elliott’s piercing verses. “4 Page Letter” and “Hot Like Fire” were likewise generally welcomed. “I love working with Timbaland,” Aaliyah says. “He comprehends what I can do and consistently needs to attempt new things. We have an incredible science, we are melodic perfect partners.” Rashad composed the video treatment for “4 Page Letter” in two hours while learning at Hofstra University.  Famous producers Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, J. Dibbs, Daryl Simmons, Kay-Gee, Vincent “V.H.” Herbert, and Craig King also helped with creating One In A Million. The collection was multi-platinum and a universal hit. Aaliyah performed all through Europe, Japan, and South Africa. In Tokyo. She became a global sensation. Aaliyah’s last studio collection displayed  her development as an individual and as a performer. Her last album self-titled, Aaliyah, was released in July 2001, debuted at number 2 on the US graphs and sold over 2.4 million collections around the world. Aaliyah included the crush singles “We Need a Resolution,” “In excess of A Woman,” and “Cause trouble”.


On August 25th, 2001 Aaliyah was involved in a fatal plane crash that, sadly, killed her. She was only 22 years old. Even though she’s no longer with us her influence shines through this generation’s music. She has been known for helping redefine R&B. Her music was a mix of pop, soul, and hip hop. Artists have been encouraged to mimic Aaliyah’s sound and look. She accomplished so much at such a young age.


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