A Woman’s place is….at the top of the charts!

2010's Music: A Woman's world


The 2010 decade is a year where women have absolutely dominated the charts. The failure of the industry to support and promote women was finally spoken about. These artists made the objectification of women as something that was finally in front of the headlines and spoken about. Women artists began speaking out against injustices and began to be unapologetically themselves. Most of all, they proved that they didn’t need a man to achieve any of this.


Beyonce- Lemonade Album

She became the voice of many women in the world and showcased herself as an entrepreneur

Lady Gaga- Fame Album

Through her album, Fame, she expressed that it is okay to be different and not fit into society’s made up image of you. She treated music as an expression of art and reminded us to be comfortable in our own bodies.

Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday Album

She continuously dominated the charts on the Hip-Hop scene, surpassing many rappers in the male dominated industry. She was never afraid to speak out against the big individuals in the industry, especially men.

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