A Review on Folk Music

Review on Folk Music by Assata Gui'Chard

I read the article called Folk Music: The Beginning by Jordann Ford. This article was very informative and provided a overall the history of folk music. Everything from the article was new information for me. The article provided pictures, examples, and videos about the information. I was able to get a visual understanding of what I was reading. 

I learned that folk music was the first kind of music created by African Americans. Folk music tells the story of struggle, empowerment, and rights. The different types of folk music are work songs and call and response. Work songs were used to by Africans and African slaves to get through the day at work. Call and response was used to create unity with Africans. Some of the instruments they used were djembe, banjo, and washboard. The washboard was a replacement for the drums. I learned that the banjo was the first string instrument created. The djembre was used to create the rhythms. Ring shout was a type of dance they would perform. You have to dance in a counter clock wise direction, clap, and stomp your feet. 

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