Folk: The Beginning - Review

By: Taryn Payne

“Folk: The Beginning” is a very well written article about the history of Folk music. To make the article a more leisurely read the author, Alexis Moreland, broke down the history into sections. She began her article, telling the readers the elements of Folk music and the instruments the African American slaves used to play the songs. Then Moreland continued her article by writing about to social impact this genre of music had on the lives of everyone. Her article ends with two videos of different types of Folk music and a powerful conclusion. After reading the article, watching the videos, and rereading the article, it is clear to see that the videos help the reader understand more about the folk genre. The conclusion of the article helps the readers understand the emotion and struggle behind every folk song.  Although Moreland’s article was short, any reader can learn a lot about the first genre of music through reading it. 


After reading “Folk: The Beginning,” a reader can tell how many songs have to do with history. Any person who reads this article will understand the meaning of finding joy during the darkest of times. The second song Moreland put in her article, “From Ear to Ear,” really grabs the attention and makes the reader understand the full struggle of being enslaved and trying to make the best out of it. This article would be an excellent recommendation to a person who wants to not only know about folk music but also know about the deep-rooted history behind the genre.


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