A Review of “Folk Music- The Beginning” By: Donecia Mouring

The beginning, when explaining what folk music is, something that catches my attention is when  the author says “ they made the best out of what they had.”Although this is a simple sentence it has a lot of impact. It really lets you understand that our people really had nothing. And what did we do? What we continue to do now is to make something out of nothing. I remember when I was younger and my mom couldn’t afford for us to go to cool places such as the movies, and the pool and she couldn’t afford all the new toys and game systems as ever other family my cousins, friends, or whoever and I made our own fun. Not to compare our stuggles to the horror of slavery, but just to emphasize that “make the best out of what you got” is something that still stands in society.  The author included very nice detail describing all of the elements such as the instruments and the different variations that existed. I also love how they provided an example video together with each element. In the end I enjoyed how they tied it all together and stated that this music is going to be a long lasting legacy. I also enjoyed how they incorporate the importance of folk music and they state all the music from that point on has some sort of element of folk within.

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