A Critique of "That's all Folk...Music"

In “That’s all Folk…Music,” by  Justice Randle, Justice starts off the post by describing the impact of music in the African American community and how music itself has always been a call to action for strength, human rights and battles within the culture. She also talks about the beginning of music in out communities originated with slaves who sang in the fields. Justice noted that some of the characteristics of Folk Music include, “call and reaction songs” that was used to notify slaves of certain news or things that were going on in their places. Some other elements of slave music include a banjo which is a string instrument, hand clapping, stomping, slapping knees and thighs, etc. 

I think Justice’s post did a great job of explaining the origin of folk music, as well as how it help for the evolution of music in the African American community as a whole. During the time that Folk Music was developed, it was used in many different ways by the slaves. Now, we see music being used in those same ways, whether it’s a liberation song, a song that tells us what’s going on in the world or something that is used just for entertainment. Folk music was the beginning a long movement for African Americans as we used music and instruments to express ourselves and our messages. 


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