A Place To Dance: Christina Flakes and Autumn Simmons

In New York City, Disco emerged in the 1970s as a distinct social dance environment. There are three distinct types of social dance environment. Usually each environment played music with or without the use of a DJ. The first is based on the European concept of discotheque. The venues associated with this concept were mostly socially exclusive, chic, and decorated with a Parisian theme. The second type is Jet set. This led to the diffusion of discotheque in places like London and New York. The cliental of these upscale venues showcase the latest dance trends based on R&B/ Rock&Roll hits such as, “the twist”, “the mash potato”, “the jerk”, “the Watusi”, and “Money Time”. Before crossing over to European settings, these dances were popularized amongst blacks. The third type of dance venue was composed of neighborhood clubs and bars both illegal and legal. They all catered to gay men and women of the community. Gay men and women using dance to create a sense of community and identity amongst themselves. 

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