Jubilee Quartets originated in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  They are composed of Negro Spirituals sang by four men. The quartet utilizes their voices to not only sing lyrics but also imitate instuments. Some famous Jubilee Quartets include: Dixie Jubilee Singers, The Mills Brothers (one of the most popular) , and the Golden Gate Quartet.

Jubilee Quartets took the United States by storm in the late 19th Century and held strong until the early 20th Century. Per an ever repetative narrative of the way in which whitness in America operates, they style of  Jubilee Quartets were appropriated. They style and swag of the way in which Black Jubilee singers performed was not only duplicated but also commodified, granting compensation to many white imitators, but little to  the original Black creators.

Jubilee Quartets would go on to fuel the fire of a more modern form of Black Gospel.