A stylized illustration of a jazz trio including a trumpeter, bassist, and drummer

New Orleans, Louisiana — the essence of jazz music and the heart of a musical phenomenon. Charles “Buddy” Bolden was born to Alice and Westmore Bolden in uptown New Orleans on September 6, 1877. Just over a decade after the end of the Civil War and shortly after, the federal government pulled the plug on Reconstruction, setting the stage for the Jim Crow era. Charles “Buddy” Bolden is one of the central figures in New Orleans music; he may be considered one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. Swing Jazz was the sound of the 1930s. Following the roaring ’20s, swing jazz introduced a breath of fresh air and known as “Swing” music with upbeat, enthusiastic tunes. The 20s and 30s were both a time of musical history; but, it was time for bebop to shine in the 1940s.  Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker were two remarkable jazz artists during the 40s. Bepop revitalized music by taking it away from the commercial swing, and Charlier parker was a major contributor in the evolution of jazz. Swing jazz was keen for dancing in large event halls, while Bepop was the perfect jam session for an intimate group of friends.