A Comparison Between the Golden Gate Quartet and Mitchell’s Christian Singers

Who Were the Golden Gate Quartet?

Who Were Mitchell's Christian Singers?

The Golden Gate Quartet was a group of four men that sang negro spirituals, and doo-wop music. They were the most successful Jubilee Quartet of their time, and remain active to this day.

Mitchell’s Christian Singers group identified themselves as a Gospel group. Although not as popular as the Golden Gate Quartet, they recorded an immense amount of music together in their short run from 1934-1940.

Insight on Each Groups Sound


The only similarities between these two groups are the styles in which they are set up. Both groups consist of four men, who each have respective roles. This format is inspired by the Jubilee Quartet era, in which the Golden Gate Quartet take after and thrive in.


The major difference between these two groups are the sound in which they produce. The Golden Gate Quartet is a true Jubilee Quartet in terms of musicality. Their music follows the structure of no improve, steady beat, and traditional singing roles for each male in the quartet. On the other hand, Mitchell’s Christian Singers are a true Gospel group in that they sing with more freedom in their sound and are not restricted to traditional sounds like the Jubilee Quartet.


Comparing these two groups seem unfair in that they are not in the same genre of music. The only similarity is the structure of their group in terms of them having a four man band and that they were out in the same time span. Their sound, their musical intention, and their audiences were completely different, which is why you can not compare their impact.

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