A Classic

During the beginning stages of classical music in the African American culture, artists like Newport Gardner would get their influences from the White Europeans who were immigrants before Emancipation existed. After Emancipation, there was an increase in the exposure of African American artists and composers which prompted black colleges and universities to introduce trained professors to their students which brought high notoriety to the genre. We as a people are able to look back on those who opened the doors for black classical composers today.

Classical music can be seen as very complex depending on the composition of the piece. Some pieces have faster tempos and more aggressive progressions while others can be very smooth and slow. In some cases, people see classical music as a genre of the past, which is very far from the truth. There are many black classical composers who are still arranging pieces in the present day, especially in the Spelman College Music Faculty.  Although validation from other races is not necessary, black composers and artists are glorified around the world for their work in this genre. Some are also emulated by white people which brings me to believe that although classical music did not stem from African Americans, we have taken this music and created something that all are able to relate to and enjoy.

There are many important black classical artists that live and perform today. One in particular that continues to perform is Kathleen Battle. Ms. Battle is a legendary Opera singer and  has influenced many other African American women to pursue a career in the classical world. Her lyrical style of performing allowed her to relate to audiences around the world and also branch out to other genres during her career. She has influenced multiple generations and is still performing works by black classical composers.

Many genres use classical music as samples in their songs. Some examples stem from famous rappers and singers in the present day. Classical music has evolved and many current composers use the recent changes to their advantage while still remaining in the tradition of the art. A composer that is known in the music faculty at Spelman, Carlos Simon, uses new ideas to create new arrangements, especially with the new technological advances around.

In my opinion, classical music will never be seen as a genre that will go away due to its importance in our culture and the world as a whole.

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