Hello! My name is Ciera Burden. I am a first year, Economics major, student here at Spelman College. I am from Brooklyn, New York, but I’ve had the opportunity of going out of my own state for high school, which enhanced my diverse taste in music.
Personally, I believe that I am exposed to a wide range of music, however, I am not necessarily aware of the historical aspects of African American music. In elementary school, I took one course based on African American music, but we learned about Negro spirituals, and the ” Negro National Anthem”.  However, through this course, I hope to learn how African Americans have contributed to music in general, and how our music has helped generate different genres of music that we are not accredited for. I am also interested in learning about and exploring other Afro-ethnic groups, such as those who identify with Afro-Hispanic, or Afro- Carribean. I think it would be really interesting to look into the Afro- Carribean music as well, being that I have family and roots from Jamaica.
I believe that it is important to take a course to understand the depth and effects that music has on an individual, a community, or an entire race. To me, music is a necessity that helps me get through my days. Music can be a source of comfort, help calm my agitations, bring pure happiness and joy, make me shed tears, explain the feelings that I cannot yet put into words. I believe that it is a strong form of art that shows expression. I call music strong because it has the ability to change emotions, and get people through their trials and tribulations.