5 songs from 2000’s


  1. Come and ride with me: TI (2005)

This song makes me appreciate my southern roots and the music that comes  from the south.

  1. Kanye West: Slow Jam (2003)

I chose this song because I really miss the old Kanye. He does a good job at sampling music and recreating beats.


  1. Sorry by beyonce (2016)

Beyonce’s entire lemonade album is empowering to me. She talks about  her husband’s infidelity and the pain it caused her. She creates music that many black women can relate to.


  1. Love Happy by Beyonce and Jay Z (2018)

This song is all about good vibes. It teaches life lessons such as forgive and forget in regards to relationships and also proves that everyone is not perfect.


  1. Um Yea by Cardi B and Offset (2018)

This song may not be the most lyrical, but the artist have similar rapping styles. I enjoy hearing female and male hip hop artist on the same track.


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