Charles Parker_Bebop King

Charles Parker “Bird”/”Yardbird” 12 Facts About Charles Parker: 1. Charles “Charlie” Parker Jr was born on August 29, 1920. 2. He was born in Kansas City, Kansas. 3. He went by two nicknames, “Bird” and “Yardbird”. 4. He was an American Jazz Saxophonist and composer. 5. He was on of the many influential leaders in […]

The Roaring Ragtimes

The Roaring Ragtimes The 1920s in America brought economic prosperity, hopes of the American dream, and new art innovations. Ragtime music was the theme music to the popular Roaring 20s. Money was of no object to people, and the parties never seemed to end. Unfortunately, the 1920s for black people meant a small portion of […]

The Transnational Movement of Jubilee Quartets

The Transnational Movement of Jubilee Quartets After the negro spiritual period, the jubilee period splits into three sections, jubilee (1880-1929), transitional (1930-45), and gospel (1946-49). Focusing on the transitional period, key factors that elevated jubilee music into a notable American music genre was its migration to the north, urbanization, and touring. These three factors bolstered […]

Kirk Franklin and the evolution of Gospel music

Kirk Franklin and the Evolution of Gospel Music Who is Kirk Franklin? Kirk Dwayne Franklin was born January 26, 1970  in Fort Worth Texas. Abandoned by his mother and never knowing his father, Franklin was raised by his Aunt Gertrude who was a very religious woman. She maintained a strict Baptist household which framed his […]

The Cause & Effect of 90’s Hip Hop

The Cause & Effect of 90’s Hip Hop Kayce Pritchett, Nala Childs, Lani Howard, Lexcia Carr, Cameron Rawls, Ashlynn Gray Introduction The 90s was a transitional period for black people around the world, specifically hip hop. Hip hop began to expand in ways we could not imagine from fashion to dance to lyrical styles. Black […]

Evolution of Funk

Evolution of Funk What was Funk Music ? Funk music has a groovy urban dance style sound that was most popular in the ’70s and ’80s. However, it was first created around the early ’60s and was developed from jazz. It was meant to be more modern jazz mixed with soul music, something you would […]

The Princess Of R&B: Aaliyah

The Princess of R&B: Aaliyah Background Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born in Brooklyn on January 16, 1979. She was determined to become a singer at a young age and began taking voice lessons after she learned to talk. At the age of 12, she signed a contract with Jive Records and began her rise to […]