Day: November 23, 2019

Musical Theater

Musical Theater Musical Theater originated before the late 1890s. This genre is due to the participation of African Americans in productions such as shows on Broadway. The works of African Americans were typically limited to

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Techno Techno is a genre that sounds like its name technology. It gives you a feeling of electricity which is what all technology needs. Techno is a genre of electronic dance music. Techno originated in

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Go! Go! Disco

Go! Go! Disco Disco is a form of nightlife dance music that came about in the 1970’s . Disco can be traced back to urban cities such as New York due to it vast population

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Pass the Jazz

Pass the JAZZ Jazz is a music genre that we reviewed in Survey African American Music this semester. Jazz is a genre that originated in African American communities within New Orleans. Jazz has been around

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Graceful Gospel

Graceful Gospel Gospel music is a 1 of the many genres we focused on throughout this semester. Gospel music is one of the easiest genres to recognize within the African American community. Gospel music can

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