Day: November 12, 2019

Folk Post

Origin Folk music has been a part of African American history since we arrived in the Americas. Folk music is performed by people and people and passed down by the people to the next generation.

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Techno- The Belleville Three Techno music was developed in the heart of Detroit, Michigan in 1980. It is a genre of electronic dance music. It was a combination of African American music styling, with inspirations

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Jazz Jazz is a genre of music founded by African Americans that grew from ragtime bands and adopt the ragtime form of syncopations.  Characteristics of Jazz Jazz music is alive and and possessed its own

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RagTime by: Elinam Anyidoho Ragtime Ragtime lasted from the years 1896-1920. Post slavery black musicians could only play in bars and brothels, therefore ragtime became popularized there. The basis of creating a ragtime song was

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