Day: September 4, 2019


A Review of “That’s all Folks” By: Nia Webb Before reading”That’s All Folks” I had a small understanding of the history and creation of Folk Music. I thought that it was music made by the

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Folk Post Review by Sidnee Salter

Review on “Folk Music: African American Legacy” by Zoe Watkins      Prior to reading Watkins’ post, I had a small understanding as to what folk music was. I knew that it was form of

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Folk Music Review -Kendall Jones

Black artists and musicians played a crucial role in the progression of American folk music. Originally from negro spirituals, these songs of the civil rights were commonly passed down through oral tradition. African American folk

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Folk Article Review- Alana Edmond

Folk Music Review- Alana Edmond The article titled, “The History of Folk Music” by A’Shiah N. explains the origins, elements, social implications and notable performers associated with the genre of Folk Music. This article effectively

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Negro Spirituals by Olivia Tomlinson

Folk Music Review by Olivia Tomlinson Folk music was originally created by African Americans, despite the stereotypical ties it has to whites/rednecks.  It was created as a way to communicate within the enslaved community and

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Review of Folk Music: African American Legacy

The article on folk music entitled, “African American Legacy,” was a good introduction into the subject. While not extremely comprehensive, the author gave us the basic elements of African American folk music as well as

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