Month: September 2019

Negro Spiritual Post

Negro spirituals were composed and sung by African slaves. It is usually sung in call and response were there was a singer leading the song

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Ragtime by Olivia Tomlinson

Ragtime by Olivia Tomlinson Ragtime began around 1896 and continued up until the 1920s, where it was replaced by jazz.  Ragtime introduced uptempo syncopated beats,

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Folk Music Article Review

My Thoughts on This Article I really loved reading this article because I was unaware of how some composers used negro spirituals as an influence

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Blues Post

Blues as an important cultural work for African American history? by Sidnee Salter      In the 1920s, a new form of music derived from

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Blues Review

Published by Jewel Lewis The genre of Blues rooted in Africa, but it developed in the southern united states after the American Civil War that

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