Day: April 25, 2019

Black & Blues

The Blues originated in the Deep South of Mississippi Delta during the 1920s. The Blues became a staple for the black communities to express themselves

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Origin: Detroit, commonly known as the Motor City, was the founding city of techno. The artists that are credited with its establishment are known as

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Black and Blues

Black and Blues By: Whitney Holmes How Did Blues Music Begin? During the turn of the twentieth century, several new forms of music by the

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Final Exam Post

Why I, Alexus Echols, Shouldn’t Have To Take The Final There are many reasons why a scholar such as myself should not have to take

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The O’Jays

The O’Jays              In 1958 in Canton, Ohio a new R&B group emerged. This group began with 5 high school

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Gospel- Then & Now

Gospel Then & Now About Gospel music is religious music of African Americans that started in the early 1900s. Gospel music has evolved over time

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