Mahalia Jackson vs Aretha Franklin: The Two Gospel Queens

An Introduction to Gospel Music The term gospel music was first used in the 1930s that became widespread in terms of its use among African-Americans and its distinctive style. Gospel music is a black form of religious music that evolved over time from the South to the North during the Great Migration. Key elements of […]

Black & Blues

The Blues originated in the Deep South of Mississippi Delta during the 1920s. The Blues became a staple for the black communities to express themselves through their lyrics. The emergence of Blues came during the Jim Crow period. Blues allowed for Black communities to challenge stereotypes placed upon them and lead the way in the […]


Origin: Detroit, commonly known as the Motor City, was the founding city of techno. The artists that are credited with its establishment are known as “The Belleville Three”. The members included: Juan Atkins who was the initiator, Derrick May( the innovator), and Kevin Saunderson(the elevator). Because the three were one of the few Blacks in […]

R&B: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Group members: Harold Melvin, Teddy Pendergrass , Bernard Wilson, David Ebo, Dwight Johnson, Jerry Cummings, Lawrence Brown, Lloyd Parks, William Spratley, Don Haney, Roosevelt Brodie, Jesse Gillis Jr., Franklin Peaker, John Atkins,Jerry Cummings,Sharon Paige, Gil Saunders,& Robert Cook Origin: Founded in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the 1950s as the Charlemagnes.1954, with a lineup consisting of lead […]

Black and Blues

Black and Blues By: Whitney Holmes How Did Blues Music Begin? During the turn of the twentieth century, several new forms of music by the black community began to develop. Simultaneously, many new racial tensions were increasing during this time. Along with jazz, ragtime, and gospel music, the birth of blues was beginning. It combines […]

Final Exam Post

Why I, Alexus Echols, Shouldn’t Have To Take The Final There are many reasons why a scholar such as myself should not have to take the final. However, for the sake of simplicity I will mention three. The first reason is that if I don’t have to take the final, you will not have to […]

We Got the Funk:George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic!

An Introduction to Funk Music What is Funk Music? What does it mean for something to be funky? Funk music  is a form of dance music that emerged in the late 1960s and was widely popular throughout most of the 1970s. Funk is inspired from rhythm and blues. It is a hybrid of multiple different […]

Jesus, Lover of My Soul Vs. King of Glory- Gospel

Edwin Hawkins Singers – Jesus, Lover of My Soul Jesus, Lover of My Soul by the Edwin Hawkins Singers was released in 1969. Todd Dulaney – King of Glory King of Glory was released in 2018 by Todd Dulaney. Comparison King of Glory and Jesus,Lover of My Soul were made 49 years apart […]

The O’Jays

The O’Jays              In 1958 in Canton, Ohio a new R&B group emerged. This group began with 5 high school males, that include  Bill Isles, Bobby Massey, Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and William Powell and they originated as “The Mascots” and later changed to “the Triumphs” producing their first song […]

Gospel- Then & Now

Gospel Then & Now About Gospel music is religious music of African Americans that started in the early 1900s. Gospel music has evolved over time in urban cities following the Great Migration of Blacks from the south following the times after both World Wars . Coming from the early 20th century, gospel is rooted in […]

Rhythm & Blues

Orgin Rhythm and blues which is commonly abbreviated R&B  is a genre of music that originated in African American communities in the 1940s and is still going strong and evolving to this day  Characteristics Mixing jazz styles and blues together and locking together of the drums and bass into a tight rhythm feel important Performers […]

Im Feeling the Blues

Orgin Blues developed in the Mississippi Delta in the nineteenth century by former enslaved people , and descendants of enslaved people. Blues music took influences directly from earlier genres such as folk and Negro spirituals sharing the formation of lyrics around exactly what the genre is titled, the blues. Characteristics Chants and hollers – much […]

Final Exam – Mya Edwards

I should not have to take the final because through my analysis of African American Music I have entered into a new level of curiosity for music in a general sense, and in regards to my African Diaspora. I have learned many things about myself through the exploration of my people. These learning outcomes I […]

The History of Techno Music

Origin of the Genre Techno came out of Detroit in the 1980’s as underground dance music and subculture. Techno music took technology and made it a black secret. It came from the melding of black styles including Chicago house, funk, electro, and electric jazz with electronic music. It is built primarily on computers by sound […]

Soundtrack of the 1920’s: Jazz

Orgin Jazz was first seen in New Orleans in the early 20th century as a developed form of slave songs and spirituals. Some say that Jazz is a mix between African Music which provides the  rhythm and European instruments such as the piano and horns. New Orleans, being a port city gave this genre what […]

Jubilee Quartets

Back entrance to the Spotlight: Jubilee Quartets Orgin Jubilee Quartets first began popping up the 1800’s. A Jubilee Quartet usually consist of four voices singing in 4 part harmony. Fisk University was established in 1866. The Fisk Jubilee Singers, which housed two quartets started touring in 1871. They were brought together in an attempt to […]

Swing Low Sweet Chariot: Negro Spirituals

Songs of the Soul-Negro Spirituals Origin During Slave times, rural slaves would stay after church services to sing Negro spirituals. Negro spirituals were influenced by folk music and the lyrics connected directly to the author of the songs, the enslaved negro. Characteristics Call and response- a form where a leader or main singer will sing […]

Ty’Tiaunna Thomas’s Work

Let The Work SPEAK! Why I DON’T need to take the final. I should not take the final because through this course I have upheld the standard of a prompt, orderly, and engaged student. The information that will be presented on the final is information I have already mastered by completing ALL of my posts […]