Day: March 7, 2019


That’s all Folk… music

ORIGIN The impact of African-American artists on the development of society music has been unfathomable. A considerable lot of the tunes that have come to

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Negro Spirituals

Lets Get Spiritual

Lets Get Spiritual! Colonizers managed to strip enslaved Africans of many things, but music was not one of them. Negro spirituals are songs created by

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Introducing, the Baddest Chick, Ms.Trina Taylor

Bibliography “BIOGRAPHY of Katrina Taylor.” Trina, Mageo, Marion.“Trina.” IMDb,, Phares, Heather, and Heather Phares. “Trina | Biography & History.” AllMusic, “Rapper Trina Biography.” Hip Hop

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…And all that JAZZ

Introduction to JAZZ Jazz is considered the pinnacle of African American music in the 20th century and is distinguished by its originality in improvisation and

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