Day: February 11, 2019

More Than Just Words: The Lyrics Behind Spirituals

Spirituals Overview Spirituals are the religious music of African Americans during slavery (book) The prevalence of Spirituals increased towards end of 18th century leading to ending of legalized slavery (1860s). Spirituals are also known as

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Negro Spirituals: Heaven or Hell?

Negro Spirituals originated from The Great Awakening era, during the 16th century. During this time, Christianity was forced on enslaved African Americans by their owners. In turn, Negro Spirituals were created and inherently different from

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African-American Folk Music

Origins of Folk Music People of African descent have impacted the music culture in the Western Hemisphere. All of the music in the black community stems from the time of Negro Spirituals/ Folk Music. This

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Rejoice in Negro Spirituals

Origin Spirituals was the earliest form of religious musics sung by slaves. The lyrics uniquely express their Christian values created by their social, emotional, physical and cultural experience. These spirituals vary tremendously from the hymns

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Thousands of Cries – Negro Sprituals​

Origins Influence Negro Spirituals are a cross between the sorrows of enslavement and the Christian faith ideals, which was forced on the enslaved as a religion. Though, European (forced) influence in Negro Spirituals (through Christianity)

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Negro Spirituals

Origin and Influences By defintion, negro spirituals are ” the earliest form of religious music to develop among African Americans in the United States”(Burnim 50). Created during slavery, the main goal of spirituals  was to “symbolize the

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