Day: August 28, 2018

Last Words – Synahia

LAST WORDS Dr. Johnson, Taking this class for a semester has been such an enjoyable learning experience. Initially, I signed up to fulfill my fine arts credit, but by being here I have gained so

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A New Language for Black Folks: The Blues

The Blues originated during the 19th century in the Deep South by African Americans as the ultimate brand of authenticity. The blues originated from many different music forms, but most significantly, the blues derived from

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Jhene Aiko Bibliography

Jhene Aiko Bio Jhené Aiko Opens Up About Brother’s Death And Battle With Depression In Poetry Book ‘2Fish’ Jhené Aiko Reveals ‘M.A.P.’ Mission Statement

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Jhene Aiko: Healing Through The Arts

Jhene Aiko: Healing Through The Arts  Jhene Aiko, famous R&B singer and songwriter, is one of few artists in this day and age to use her voice for social activism and advocacy. Through the traumas

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Hip Hop History

Hip Hop is most notably known for being originated in the South Bronx, New York. It’s founding is contributed to legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc. This new genre was characterized by MC’s, turntables,

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Jhene Aiko Outline

Synahia Tigner 04 March 2018 Dr. Johnson Biographical Study Outline   Biographical Study Outline: “Jhene Aiko – Healing Through The Arts” Artist: Jhene Aiko Research Methodology: Thesis: Through the traumas of pain and personal experience,

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