Day: August 27, 2018

Folk and Spirituals

Origin Spirituals came about during the years of slavery when one of the only forms of expression that was allowed for slaves was music. Slaves

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Fromn Fad to Rag

From Fad to Rag.   One of the many great contributions of black music is the creation of the treasure that is Ragtime. Ragtime, because

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Folk Not Fiction

Folk music, like other early genres of music, consisted of songs and rhymes passed down from generations by word of mouth, tradition, and other means

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IME – Synahia

Introduction: Hello, my name is Synahia Tigner, a Junior economics major from Hogansville, Ga. Though a small town girl, I have big dreams, with hopes

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Folk Music & Negro Spirituals

Origins of Negro Spirituals and Folk Music Negro Spirituals were Christian folk songs that were passed down orally that illustrated distress caused by enslavement.  The

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Folk and Negro Spiritual Music

The Origins of the Negro Spiritual African peoples were taken from Africa and enslaved here in the United States starting in 1619, ending in 1865. Despite being

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