Day: May 9, 2018

Evolution of Hip Hop

The poster I created to depict the evolution of hiphop shows the Black power flag as a background this represents the origins of the genre.

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Sound Gumbo: Jazz Music

Having it roots in New Orleans, jazz music stared in the early 20th century. After ragtime became white washed, Creole citizens were forced to create

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Funk it up!

Funk music is like the crazy child of soul music. Soul music was made to make people feel good and funk took that to a

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Musical Theatre

During the origination of the Musical Theatre genre. There were still strong ties to minstrelsy in the performances. Performers often still performed in Black face

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‘Hip Hop Hippy’

Hip-hop and rap is today’s most widely consumed music genre. Coming from the black communities in New York City, hip-hop was a genre entirely unique

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Feelin’ Funky

Funk music came off the heels of Soul music filling and creating a genre entirely unique. It became popular in the early 70s, encompassing elements

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