Day: February 16, 2018

Stealing the Blues

The blues is a genre created in the Deep South and the Midwest. The blues was created by African Americans during slavery and post slavery. During the time the blues became popular many Blacks in

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Commodification- The Recognition We Never Received

Commodification African American Blues is a genre that contains elements from negro spirituals and folk music. The artists who influenced the genre of blues never obtained the true recognition they deserved.  The creativeness and uniqueness

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commodification in blues

Blues music came from African Americans who were expressing their sad feelings through music.  Blue was spread across the country when black freed slaves moved North. Ever since then, other artist we’re influenced like the

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Commodification in Blues

Blues music although originated by African Americans became popularized by European groups who adapted the techniques of the Delta Blues musicians. White artists and groups like The Beatles, Elvis, The Zombies and The Animals became

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