Month: January 2018


My name is Shawna Howard, a Comparative Women’s Studies major, Public Health minor from Charlotte, NC. I plan to be a pursue a career in

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Lena Wright- IME

My name is Lena Danielle Wright.  I am a graduating senior chemistry pre med major from Hampton, VA. I am very passionate about medicine and

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Alyssia Santiago’s IME

Introduction: Hello all, my name is Alyssia Santiago. I am a senior psychology major from San Antonio, Texas. I grew up as a military brat

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Amber Jones-IME

My name is Amber Jones. I am a junior psychology major from Columbia, South Carolina. I am interested in going to law school after graduating

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Deborah’s IME

Hello my name is Deborah Blount, sophomore music major, and I don’t know where I’m from. I was born in Iowa City, IA and from

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KaChelle Humphery’s IME

Introduction: Hello my name is KaChelle Humphery and I am a first year English major with a concentration in law from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I

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Gabrielle Williams’ IME

Introduction: My name is Gabrielle Williams and  I am a freshman from Macon, Georgia. I am an Early Childhood Education major. After graduating from Spelman

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