Month: December 2017

Barry White

Early Life Barry White was in Galveston, TX. As a young child he sang gospel songs with his mother and taught himself to play piano.

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House Music-Octobria Saddler

House Music by Octobria Saddler General History House Music is a musical genre that is thought of to be the electronic offspring of disco music

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William Grant-Octobria Saddler

  William Grant Still by Octobria Saddler Biography Born in Woodville, MS, 1895 Studied medicine at Wilberforce University before turning to music Studied at New

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Joe “King” Oliver

  Joe “King” Oliver, Joseph Nathan Oliver,  is one of the most prominent figures in the jazz era. Oliver was a jazz cornet player and bandleader.

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Buddy Guy

George “Buddy” Guy is a blues guitarist and singer from Lettsworth, Louisiana. He has played an key role in Chicago blues by influencing artists such

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Carl Bean

Carl Bean is most famous for his gay liberation song, “I Was Born This Way” in 1975. His claim to fame is not only his

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