20 Interesting Elements of Folk Music

-It is heavily based in storytelling

-This music arose from the transatlantic slave trade

-It originated from slaves in West Africa 

-Typically, griots would keep up with these stories per say

-Slaves would use call and response within their folk songs 

-White people would mock these folk songs in minstrel shows 

-Folk music has inspired R&B as well as hiphop

-Banjoes were used a within later years in “newer” folk music

-Black people never really benefited from folk music, but the white people did from exploitation

-It contains polyrhythms 

-Drums were an integral part of folk music 

-White people tried to change this banjo usage to be called “hillbilly:”

-Famous folk musicians include Leadbelly, Odetta, and Elizabeth Cotton

-Peter Seeger is often associated with folk music, when really, black people are the originators.

-Slaves saw folk music as a release or freedom to escape from their daily tasks 

-Blues and ragtime were one of the first few subsets  folk music

-Beat boxing originated from folk music

-Spirituals from the initial folk era are called Slave Shout Songs

-One of the first ragtime folk opera was by Scott Joplin

-We shall overcome is considered a very popular folk song

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