20 Facts About Folk Music

  1. Folk music is music that represents the tradition or culture of the area/place/state.
  2. Folk music poured into other genres such as HipHop, Gospel, R&B
  3. Banjo originated in Africa and was an instrument used in folk music
  4. Rhythm bones were an instrument used in folk music
  5. The fiddle was an instrument used in folk music
  6. Bongo was an instrument used in folk music
  7. The Jora was an instrument used in folk music
  8. Folk music originated from Negro Spirituals
  9. Drums played a vital role in sending messages to other enslaved people
  10. Folk music was influential to music genres such as Jazz and Blues
  11. Played a vital role in the civil rights movement
  12. Many folk songs contained hidden messages and meanings
  13. Folk music encourages dancing
  14. Folk music invokes an emotional reaction from listeners
  15. Folk Music’s oldest versions of songs are Hymn to Nikolai and Human Hymn
  16. Folk music was passed down to multiple generations and still continues to be used in modern music. 
  17. Black folk artists include: Odetta
  18. Tracy Chapman
  19. Bessie Smith
  20. Ma Rainey

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