20 Facts About Black Folk Music

  1. One element of Folk music is storytelling 
    1.  uses storytelling to express frustration and empower.
  2. Another element of Folk music is Call and response
    1. were often purposed for spreading information or news on slave plantations, or to pass the time during the work day.
  3. Black folk music resulted from Transatlantic Slave Trade
  4. Started in 1619
  5. The Pattin’ Jumba is a rhythmic style of dancing that features hand clapping and foot stomping.
  6. One instrument in Black Folk music was the Banjo 
    1. The banjo can be heard in many African American folk songs, symbolizing the resilience of African American people.
    2. Originated in Africa 
  7. Another instrument in folk music was the Djembe
    1. 3 sounds: bass, tone, slap 
  8. The earliest display of the commodification of African American folk music was when enslaved Africans were made to perform their music for the enjoyment of the master and his companions
  9. Folk songs are a symbol of strength for the Black community.
  10. Polyrhythms are included in folk music.

Famous Folk artists include:

  1. Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter
  2. Bessie Smith 
  3. Odetta
  4. Elizabeth Cotton 
  5. Ma Rainey

Black Folk music has inspired:

  1. R&B
  2. Hip Hop
  3. Blues

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