20 Facts About African American Folk Music!

1- Slavery is where Black music first emerged. One of the first musical genres was the spiritual (1619–1865).

2-Storytelling is one of the components of folk music, its used to communicate displeasure and empower people.

3- Black folk music resulted from Transatlantic Slave Trade

4- Folk music may be utilized to create the Juba patting motion, which is akin to ham-boing.

5- Change was sparked by folk music during the civil rights struggle.

6- Folk music has been a kind of music for many years, expressing the cultural history of many groups and areas.

7- Folk music is often tied to specific cultural or historical events, such as festivals, religious ceremonies, or historical events. For example, Irish folk music often features themes of love, loss, and rebellion, and is closely tied to Irish history and culture. Similarly, African American folk music, like blues

8-  folk music is learned and transmitted through generations by word of mouth rather than written music.

9- A crucial piece of gear is the banjo.

10- Drums were essential for conveying messages to other slaves.

11- Folk music has been passed down through many generations and is still employed in contemporary music.

12- Among the instruments employed in folk music was the fiddle.

13- R&B, gospel, and other genres have all included folk music.

14- Secret messages were frequently used by folk performers.

15- Folk music gave slaves a way to communicate their feelings and ideas about their lives.

16- Due to folk music, dance techniques and styles have also changed.

17- Drums, call-and-response, and polyrhythm are all present in contemporary black music.

18- Odetta Holmes is credited as being the king of American folk music.

19- Ray Charles

20- Litte Richard

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