Tina Turner: Queen of Rock and Roll

Known for her stage presence, hair, red lipstick, and versatility between genres. Tina turner is inarguably the Queen of Rock and Roll. Her music is described as electrifying and edgy and may just be one of the greatest performers of this lifetime. Tina Turner knocked down barriers in the rock and roll scene for black people and for women. 

Early Life

Anna Mae Bullock, whose stage name was Tina Turner was born on November 26th, 1939 in Nut Bush, Tennessee to a poor sharecropping family. Tina moved in with her grandmother after her parents Zelma and Floyd Bullock separated in the 50s. After her grandmothers passing, Tina moved to St. Louis as a teenager to live with her mother. That is where she met Ike Turner who she married in Mexico in 1962 and it was with him that she began her musical career. 

Influencers & Influencees

Janet Jackson credits Tina Turner as a major influence to her both personally and in her career. Beyonce also cites the “two Tinas” as her greatest influences, referring to her mother and Tina Turner. Beyonce and Tina even got the chance to perform together at the 2008 Grammys. Fergie describes Tina as the reason she started performing. But who influenced the queen herself? Tina was first influenced by Ike Turner who despite their abusive relationship, introduced her to the music scene. James Brown, Ray Charles, and Etta James are some of Tina’s largest influences in terms of performance as vocal style.


Tina Turner will always remain in a lane of her own, however some performers that she may be compared to in terms of vocal power, audience reach, or legend status are Chaka Khan and Diana Ross.


Tina Turner began singing as a teenager. After moving to Missouri where she met Ike Turner, who she later married, and impressed him with her soulful voice. She joined his band Kings of Rhythm in 1958 and they toured as the Ike and Tina Turner Revue with three female backup singers called “The Ikettes”. They released their debut album, “The Soul of Ike and Tina” in 1961. In 1962, Tina got her name out there with her hit single, “A Fool In Love” and by 1966 Tina had made her way to celebrity status with recordings like “River deep, Mountain High.” Known for their tumultuous and abusive relationship, Tina fled from Ike in 1976 and they divorced in 1978. She reemerged in the 80s, but this time into the rock and roll scene. Her comeback hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It” sold more than 11 million albums across the world and she debut her “private dancer” tour. Tina also ventured of into other arts as she posed for the Rolling Stone magazine and explored a career in acting and actually appeared in the musical movie, “Tommy”  and the film, “Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome”. Tina broke the world record for largest paying audience at a solo concert in 1988 with over 184,000 attendees. In 1991, both Ike and Tina were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and in 1993 a movie was released on Tina’s life titled, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”


Tina Turner has sold more concert tickets than any other female performer and is the most successful female rock artist in history. She is lucky to be able to be one of the musical legends who was honored during her lifetime. In 2005, she was a recipient of the Kennedy Centre Honors with other Tina was awarded nine Grammy Awards including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. Tina topped charts and broke unimaginable records, and in appreciation for her great success, Tina makes philanthropic efforts. She supports children, health and veteran causes and has supported charities such as United Service Organization and Caudwell Children for whom she held a performance to raise money to provide disabled children with access to services, equipment, therapies, and treatments.


Today Tina has retired to Zurich, Switzerland with her husband Erwin Bach who she married in 2013. She released her most recent book, “My Love Story”, in 2018. She has an estimated net worth of between 250 and 270 million dollars and Tina had monumental success as a female artist and therefore paving the way for other female performers. Her wild hair, scandalous wardrobe, and electric voice are what allow some of the female performers to step out of boundaries, even today. Additionally, her openness about her abusive relationship was symbolic for feminist rights and as a figuring standing up against domestic violence. Her genre shift mid-career brought a black face to the rock and roll scene. She brought blues and funk to the rock and roll sound and has been a part of every evolution of rock and roll. Tina Turner’s career made great strides for rock and roll, black people, and for women.


Not Including LP’s and Albums with Other Artists, Tina released the following albums:

1975 – Acid Queen – UK (1996)

1978 – Rough – The Netherlands (1990)

1979 – Love Explosion – Europe (1996)

1984 – Private Dancer – USA, UK, Europe

1986 – Break every rule – UK, Europe, USA

1988 – Tina: Live in Europe – Germany

1988 – 3CD – Unlimited Rock – Switzerland
1989 – Foreign Affair – UK, Europe, USA, The Netherlands

1991 – Simply the Best – UK, Europe, Argentina

1993 – What’s love got to do with – UK, Europe

1993 – Painted Black – USA
1993 – Good Hearted Woman – Germany
1994 – The Collected Recordings (3 CD’s) – UK

1994 – The Great Tina Turner – Portugal
1996 – Greatest Hits – USA
1996 – Wildest Dreams – Europe

1996 – Wildest Dreams Bonus – Europe
1996 – Wildest Dreams – Japan
1996 – Wildest Dreams – 13 Tracks – USA
1997 – Private Dancer – Special EMI 100 Year Celebration – USA, Europe
1998 – Soul Kiss (1972) – USA
1999 – Dues Paid Vol.1 – The Netherlands
1999 – Twenty Four Seven Limited Edition Special Pack – Europe
1999 – Twenty Four Seven – Europe, USA, Canada, Russia

2000 – Twenty Four Seven Millennium Tour – UK
2000 – All that glitters – USA
2004 – All the Best – USA

2005 – Forever Gold – Ireland
2005 – Tina Turner sings Country – UK
2006 – Tina & Friends – Promo CD from the People – UK
2007 – Promo CD from the Daily Mirror – UK
2007 – 2 Promo CD’s from the Irish Daily Star Sunday – Ireland
2007 – Panpipes play Tina Turner – UK
2007 – Evergreens – UK
2008 – Tina! – Europe

2009 – Promo CD from the Mail – UK
2009 – 3CD he Platinum Collection – UK
2009 – Beyond – Austria, Switzerland, Germany
2009 – Beyond Gold Edition – Austria, Switzerland, Germany
2009 – Tina Live – UK, Europe

2010 – Tina 15 Greatest Hits – Mail on Sunday – UK
2010 – The Exciting Tina Turner (Private Dancer Tour 1985)- UK
2011 – Children Beyond – Austria, Switzerland, Germany
2014 – Love Songs – Europe
2014 – Beyond – Love Within – Austria, Switzerland, Germany
2015 – Private Dancer 30th Anniversary Edition – Japan
2017 – Awakening Beyond
2018 – Tina – the Greatest Hits Album
2018 – The Many Faces Of Tina Turner


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