The Black American Blues

The Birth of Blues

Blues music grew up in the Mississippi Delta in the mid 18th century, following the Civil War. The Blues much like Spirituals and Folk music was originally recorded only by memory, and relayed only live, and in person. Blues began to quickly grow in popularity as its African roots, field hollers, ballads, church music and rhythmic dance tunes resonated within the still  oppressed community. I love that Blues music conveys emotion based on the hardships of life. It makes the music relatable to those accustomed to oppressive lifestyles and broken hearts.

Characteristics of Blues

1. The blues artist usually utilized a Call and Response technique with their voice being the call and the instrument (usually a guitar) being the response.

2. Blues music also has a steady Walking Bass to support its deep, rhythmic beats.

3. Blues music offered some of the elements that are now borrowed in the Jazz genre.

Blues Grooves

  1. B.B King “The Thrill is Gone”

2  Freddie King “Ain’t Not Sunshine”



3 Gary B.B. Coleman




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